PITPAK M3M a breakthrough in vertical packing machinery


Production Packaging Supplies introduces the PITPAK M3M by TAURAS-FENIX – a new generation of vertical packaging machines.


The PITPAK M3M packing machine’s universality, reliability and high productivity surpasses other modern vertical packaging machines.

The model works with a wide range of food and non-food products: from loose, dusting, granulated (salt, tea, coffee, building materials, pasta, etc.) to medium-fraction and large-fraction (bakery products, frozen semi-finished products, fruits, vegetables etc.).

The PITPAK M3M can produce more than ten variants of packaging: a “pillow” package with flat bottom, welded edges, and their modifications: euroslot, punch handles, holes of various configurations, zip-fastener, notches (for easy opening of the package) etc. At the same time, all packaging films: polyethylenes, polypropylenes, laminates and barrier films can be used for making bags.

Additional versatility of the machine includes a variety of product dosing volumes, while maintaining high productivity (up to 140 packs per minute). The machine is equally effective for packing small, standard and large doses of products. The maximum size of the package can reach 375x490mm and the dose volume of a product: ten liters.


Product short description

PITPAK M3M is a vertical packing and packaging machine designed for packing a wide range of dusting, loose, granulated, small-piece, frozen food and non-food products.

Control of the machinery is carried out by a programmable controller and input data is done via the touch screen.

The apparatus can be equipped with a round or rectangular tube.

It is equipped with servomotors and has automatic film stabilization.



Packaged products:

  • Fine, medium and large fraction products: cereals, pasta, bakery products, confectionery, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, fruits and vegetables, spices, etc.
  • Frozen products: berries, mushrooms, vegetable mixes, dumplings, semi-finished products, etc.
  • Non-food products: household chemicals, building materials, animal products, land and fertilizers, etc.



  • Thermal printer
  • Longitudinal welding
  • Applicator labels
  • The shaper of the package
  • Dust extraction unit
  • Cross welding sponges
  • Face fusing device
  • Feed and discharge conveyors
  • Perforation for easy opening
  • The device of injection of inert gas
  • Different weld seam configurations
  • Different dispensers by product type
  • Flat bottom forming device
  • Overpass for multihead weigher
  • The system of static electricity removal
  • The device of drawing of a banner tape (40-70 mm)
  • Automatic film centering device
  • Vibratory hopper for loading into the shaper of the package
  • Hole punch for excess air outlet
  • The system of injection of alcohol in a package (to increase the shelf life of confectionery)
  • Devices for cutting holes of various shapes (euroslot, triple hole, hole handle)
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