Depositing machines are widely used in pastry shops and bakeries to dispense different shapes, sizes and composition of dough pieces. A wide variety of nozzles are available which allows different products to be made with the same machine.

There are 4 basic formats of machinery:

  • String cutting – which is used to make different shape flat cookies.
  • Diaphragm cutting – which is used to make spice cakes and cookies with fillings in side.
  • Depositing – dough is deposited in the form of various shape cookies
  • Pouring into flat forms – liquid biscuit dough is fed onto prepared pans

Pitpack OP1

  • Performance

    Up to 900 kg/h

  • Specialty

    Production of spice cakes and simple biscuits

    The Pitpack OP1 depositing machine is designed for depositing various half-finished pastries with or without filling onto a baking tray for further baking. Choux paste, spice and other kinds of soft dough can all be processed.

    This machine is ideal for large manufacturing plants engaged in mass production of various products. The machine consists of a processing line with a baking conveyor and can be modified to accommodate a variety of baking tray widths – either 1000mm, 900mm, 680mm, or 600mm.

    The extensively adjustable Pitpack OP1 comes in multiple configurations: for example, with string or diaphragm cutting options or with a stuffing feeding station which feeds filling inside products, which can be installed wherever convenient. It also features a throwing-over hopper, a quick detachable nozzle plate, and an easily-removed cutting unit to provide easy flushing and sanitisation.

    The cells of the diaphragm cutting device are staggered to allow efficient use of the tray.

    Controlled by a built-in microcomputer, the Pitpack OP1 allows changing of the depositing process from using the rollers in a continuous rotation mode, to an interrupted rotation mode or an interrupted reverse rotation mode.

    All machine parts and surfaces that make contact with the products are made of stainless steel.

  • Products that could be packed

    Spice-cakes (also with stuffing), oatmeal cookies and other kinds of pastry using similar dough to spice-cakes.

Depositing Machine - PitPack OP1

Pitpack OP3M

  • Performance

    Up to 40 litres

  • Specialty

    Multipurpose depositing machine for tear-off depositing and/or string cutting half-finished pastries for further baking on different baking trays.

    Thanks to the unique design of the Pitpack OP3M, and the variety of nozzles available, stuffing can be deposited inside or outside the product allowing for the production of a wide range of confectionaries, including cookies, spicy cakes, shortcakes, choux pastry and others.

    The base machine can accommodate various types of roll filling devices, depending on pastry consistency and density. The machine can be customised depending on requirements, and individual units and nozzles can be purchased separately.

  • Products that could be packed

    Sandy cookies, sweet dough cookies, spicy cakes, a pastry filled with custard, puffs (eclairs, profiteroles), fruitcakes and/or shortcakes, zephyr, various stuffing (jam, condensed milk).

Depositing Machine - PitPack OP3M