Shrink sleeve labelling is one of the most durable methods of labelling products due to the plastic or polyester film material, which is perfect for products that encounter moisture or friction. This method of branding fits most containers and can contour to special shapes without adhesive.

This is a favoured technique for small to medium sized bottles of laundry detergent, fabric softener and personal care products.

Sleeve Labelling Device

  • Performance

    Up to 6000 bottles/hour.

  • Specialty

    Automatic sleeve labeling.

    This automatic label applicator with a steam thermo tunnel is designed for applying shrinking sleeve type labels, and is the perfect labelling solutions to fit bottles of any irregular shape.

    This system consists of bottle transporting and positioning, label unwinding, pulling and cutting, label application, label centering, and label shrinking in thermo tunnel.

    The steam tunnel provides better shrinking: at 110-140°С, steam flows uniformly around the label surface for better application. The steam tunnel is equipped with temperature controllers for temperature regulation depending on label size and thickness.

  • Products that could be packed

    PET bottles.

Sleeve Labelling Machine

In Action