Carton erectors or case erectors are used to automatically pack bulk products into cases or cartons – dependent on the product being packed ready for transportation.

Tray Forming Machine

  • Performance

    Up to 15 blocks/min

  • Specialty

    Packaging of product blocks into trays.

    Automatic tray forming machines are designed for grouping and packaging products into cardboard trays with or without slots.

    The base model requires placement into the trays to be done manually. However, another option is to equip the machine with a block forming machine (to form blocks from single units) and a manipulator (to transport formed blocks into the tray) for total process automatization.

  • Products that could be packed

    Plastic cups, containers, etc.

Carton Erector - Tray Forming Machine

Case Packer SGP-60V

  • Performance

    Up to 60 boxes/min

  • Specialty

    Horizontal carton-case packing into corrugated boxes.

    The SGP-60V horizontal carton-case packer is designed to pack bags and solid products into the primary package in preliminary sealed carton cases, and has an average capacity of up to 60 pcs/min. The final cardboard box is sealed with hot glue or by means of mechanical closure (turning down) of flaps.

  • Other benefits of the SGP-60V horizontal carton-case packer:
  • Standardisation of package sizes for quick format change
  • Operation with flat blanks of two types (side fold or “envelope” bottom)
  • Easy change to other formats
  • Single-operator control
  • Low noise exposure
  • Machine control suppliers such as LG, Siemens, and Allen-Bradley
  • This machine can also be supplied in a duplex version, meaning two packages can be filled and closed at the same time during one machine cycle.
Carton Erector - Case Packer SGP-60V

In Action