A clipping device is used to keep food (such as bread, pasta and candy) fresh, by sealing packaging bags more securely, helping to preserve the contents for longer

TF-Clips Clipping Device

  • Performance

    Up to 30 bpm

  • Specialty

    Adjustable rotary platform angle.

    This is a semi-automatic machine of linear type designed to pack products into a package with a clip, and gives you control over the angle of slope of the output conveyor – ideally suited to packaging of long and fragile products. Additionally, special doors in the input help prevent damage to items (such as cut bread). The packaging clip is marked with date codes, eliminating additional consumables costs. A thermal printer can also be installed to hot-print directly onto the clips.

    All machine parts which come in contact with items to be packaged are made of stainless steel.

  • Products that could be packed
  • Bread (whole, cut) – rectangular, round and oval shapes, long loaf, a small loaf, patties
  • Other products which need packages with clips such as candies, ravioli, croissant etc.
Clipping Device - TF Clips