PPS’ filling lines are designed to automatically fill (weighing/volumetric) liquid and viscous dairy products into PET-bottles and twisting them with plastic caps with guard collar, as well as paste type products into ready-made packaging.

Metal units and parts of the machine which make contact with food products are made of corrosion-resistant material.

Filling Line 3000

  • Performance

    Up to 3000 cycles/h.

  • Specialty

    Filling and packaging liquid and paste products into glass and PET bottles.
    The fully automatic Filling Line 3000 is designed for packaging liquid and paste products in ready-made packaging, (bottles, cans, jars, etc.), and then capping them.

    The line operates with both plastic and glass packaging, with volumes up to 10 litres, and combines linear type modules connected by conveyors for rinsing, filling and capping. All structures are made from stainless steel, and surfaces are built with corrosion-resistant steels and plastics allowing for usage in the dairy industry.

    This unit features a separate PLC with touch screen panel for every module in the line. CIP (Cleaning in Place System) is adapted to each production line.

    The manner in which the modules are constructed allows for flexibility in placing them in the desired layout. The line can be complemented with the following additional equipment:

  • PET preform moulding machine
  • labelling devices
  • inkjet printer
  • shrink-wrapping machines
  • and others.
  • Ultra Clean Version

    The Filling Line 3000 is optionally available in an “Ultra Clean” version, which has the following features:

  • a hopper equipped with a sterile air-blowing system to preserve the microbiological parameters of the product
  • closed chamber for protection from the external environment
  • feeding of sterile air into the chamber, purified from microorganisms and bacteria using HEPA-filters (Class H14)
  • chamber treatment with hydrogen peroxide, followed by drying by sterile hot air and ventilation
  • bottle treatment with ozonated water/hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid followed by hot air drying
  • caps UV-treatment
  • Products that could be packed
  • milk, yoghurt, sour cream, cream;
  • oils, sauces, mayo, mustard, ketchup, tomato paste;
  • condensed milk, honey, marmalade, jam, chocolate paste;
  • juices, fruit drinks and concentrates, etc.
  • liquid and paste non-food products: chemicals, liquid soap, washing fluids, etc.
Fillings Lines - Filling Line 3000

Triblock TF 6000

  • Performance

    Up to 6000 cycles/h

  • Specialty

    Filing into PET containers.

    The Triblock TF 6000 is an automatic machine which combines the following sequential operations into one process:

  1. Rinsing (one-phase or two-phase bottle rinsing) – used to remove industrial and transportation pollution such as dust by flushing the inner surfaces of bottles for 6-10 seconds with ozonated water. Additionally, two-phase rinsing could also offer a disinfecting solution + water process. A special tunnel-type guard in the rinsing area prevents splashing when not container is present.
  2. Filling still liquids in PET bottles – Performed by HBM weight batching or by means of electromagnetic flowmeters manufactured by Krohne (Germany).
  3. Product dose volume is set on the machine control panel, is constantly variable and is performed by air operated valves with de-foaming.
  4. Capping with tamper evident plastic caps – automatic cap orientation (feeding), and capping is performed by twisting, with number of cap twists set using the control panel. Additionally, capping chucks make it possible to use caps made of materials of different thickness and stiffness. Finally, the capping head consists of a mechanical drive, minimizing wear and maintenance requirements.
  5. Caps are disinfected with UV light before reaching the capping unit.
  • Machine highlights
  • Compact ability
  • Easy operation
  • Non-contact dosing
  • High hygiene level – all surfaces that come into contact with products, including hoppers, pipes, flowmeters and shut-off valves are made of stainless steel AISI 304 and materials which are permitted for use in food production that meet 3-А and EHEDG standards.
  • Possibility of using containers of different size and shape
  • Dosing by weight or by volume (dosing accuracy within 1%)
  • Modern, effective motor system
  • Programming process synchronisation from a single control panel
  • Low noise level
  • Products that could be packed

    Milk, yoghurt, fermented baked milk, yoghurt, cream and other dairy products.

Fillings Lines - Triblock TF 6000