Our over wrappers are available in 10 basic automatic or semi-automatic models.

These machines enable packaging of separate items into bulk packaging by using either cardboard boxes, trays or vertical cardboard inserts and then wrapping the items with shrink film.

Shrink Tunnels are heated tunnels which are mounted over or around a conveyor system, after which shrink film is loosely applied over a group of products and then shrunk, using heat, to fit snugly around the items.

Turbopack 181/182

  • Performance

    Up to 7000 pcs/hour

  • Specialty

    Placing of inserts and substrate.

    The Turbopack 181/182 is designed for bulk transport packaging on a cardboard substrate with vertical inserts. Bag feeding, block forming, substrate and inserts placing, shrink film wrapping and block feeding into the shrink tunnel for further shrinkage are carried out automatically. The machine can be mounted left or right sided.

  • Products that could be packed

    Purepak packs to be formed into blocks up to 3×5.

Overwrappers & Shrink Tunnels - TurboPack 181/182

Turbopack 254

  • Performance

    Up to 12 blocks/min

  • Specialty

    Manual block forming.

    The Turbopack 254 is designed for bulk transport packaging. The machine also can be used for transport packaging of large single items. Individual goods are manually packed up into batches that are automatically wrapped by shrink film and fed into the thermo-tunnel for further shrinking and making of transport pack.

  • Products that could be packed

    Blocks of products, large single items.

Overwrappers & Shrink Tunnels - TurboPack 254

Turbopack Line 50

  • Performance

    Up to 50 blocks/min

  • Specialty

    High performance.

    Turbopack Shrink wrapping lines are designed for bulk packaging products with high speed performance (20-50 blocks/min.).

    Lines are fully automatic and should be used as a part of high speed production lines. Each work process (block forming, film wrapping, heating) are separate machines connected with conveyors. Automatic Wrapping machines increase the performance of the line.

  • Products that could be packed

    Single items to be formed into blocks up to 3×5.

Overwrappers & Shrink Tunnels - TurboPack Line 50

Stretch Wrapping Machine FP/10-Ultra

  • Performance

    Up to 100 pcs/hour

  • Specialty

    Standard rotating platform.

    The FP/10-Ultra pallet machine is designed for wrapping different palletized goods with stretch film.

    Good and package grouping allows for optimisation of space on the pallet, avoiding product falls and damage while being transported and speeding up handling operations.

    The optional upper clamp is designed for wrapping unstable or light products with stretch film, preventing scattering of unstable cargo on the pallet before it is wrapped.

    This machine features easy and simple operation and maintenance, as well as:

  • fixed platform stops
  • fixed speed of slide movement synchronised with the speed of platform rotation
  • pallet detector
  • automatic photo sensor height adjustment to match product stack
  • mechanical adjustment of film stretch (150% / 250% / 300% optionally)
  • sensor control panel
  • device for counting the number of rotations on the top and bottom
  • rotation tracking and counting
  • stretch film reel quick-change
  • exceptional safety
  • frequency regulation (smooth start, smooth stop)
  • user-friendly main panel.
  • Internationally-certified equipment
  • Products that could be packed

    Different palletized goods

Overwrappers & Shrink Tunnels - Shink Wrapping Machine FP/10-Ultra