Flow wrapping is a horizontal-motion process in which products of any shape are wrapped in clear or printed film. The end result is a flexible package with a non-lap type seal on the bottom and crimped end seals.

Horizontal packing equipment allows for the packaging of various individual products to three-seam flow type bags, formed from heat sealable materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, barrier films) with an option to arrange products on a base or a tray.

The horizontal machines we provide can be basic models or customised packaging lines.

Linepack Mini

  • Performance

    Up to 25 cycles/min

  • Specialty

    Multipurpose packaging machine with adjustable platform.

    A multipurpose packaging machine, the rotary platform Linepack Mini combines the functions of both vertical and horizontal machines and can pack various food and non-food products in three-seam heat-sealable flow pack package types bags.

    This innovative design provides an option to adjust the angle between 0° and 90°, allowing the packaging of loose products (cereals, candies, cookies, etc.) as well as piece goods.

    With no restrictions on product length, products can be as short as 10cm and continue endlessly from there.

    The advantages of the semi-automatic Linepack Mini are as follows:

  • easy transitioning for different pack sizes
  • compact dimensions of the machine.
  • Products that could be packed

    Baked goods and confectionery products (waffles, bread, pizza, cakes, biscuits, sweets, rolls), ice cream (cups, bars), cheese, frozen foods (burgers, fish sticks, dumplings, pancakes), vegetables, fresh herbs, industrial products (bandages, cotton pads, cloths, sponges, soap bars), products on trays.

Flow Wrapping - LinePack Mini

Linepack F1

  • Performance

    Up to 120 cycles/min

  • Specialty

    Horizontal packaging machine with 2-position welding unit.

    The horizontal Linepack F machine is designed for packaging of piece products three-seam heat-sealable flow pack package type bags. The structure of the machine enables the packaging bag to adjust to forms such as parallel piped, cubed, cylindrical, truncated conical and more.

  • Products that could be packed

    Biscuits, wafers, marshmallows, bread, burgers, pancakes, soap bars, sponges, pizza, ice cream, cheese, chocolate bars, etc.

Flow Wrapping - LinePack F1

Linepack FA

  • Performance

    Up to 120 bpm

  • Specialty

    Stainless steel packaging machine for dairy products (for example, curd cheese briquettes).

    The Horizontal Linepack FA machine is used for the packaging of piece products in three-seam heat-sealable flow pack package type bags.

    Specifically designed for use in high humidity, the machine is made of stainless steel and can be used to work with dairy products or as a part of the full glazed cheese curds line. In order to ensure full automation, the line is equipped with a system of automatic stepper systems for placing of products, providing a continuous supply of product from the production line to the packaging machine.

    This packaging machine is equipped with a film unwinding unit, including two roll holders and a film centering device. Both right and left-hand versions are available.

  • Products that could be packed

    Curd in briquettes, pre-packed in paper; glazed curds; ice cream, etc.

Flow Wrapping - LinePack FA