We can supply all equipment from the filler itself to the very end of line. For example, we can supply fillers, liquid and dry product, wrappers, carton erectors, tapers, palletizers, dosers, labelers, printers, verifiers.

We supply each and every product that you would expect in any manufacturing line.

We provide the highest-quality technical support throughout the African continent.

We have an established track record in helping to assist clients in identifying bottlenecks in their manufacturing facilities, and implementing solutions to overcome these bottlenecks.

We also advise businesses where implementation of automation would drastically improve outputs by incorporating certain key pieces of equipment.

PPS are the first provider in Africa to offer a complete cheese bar line, which is much like a chocolate bar; however, the filling is a cream cheese. We foresee this becoming extremely popular over the next few years, as it has already in Europe.

Contact us for more information on our cheese bar line.