Metal Detectors Or X-ray: Which Is Better To Use?

Companies wishing to implement a process control, overseeing each Critical Control Point (CCP) of their production and packaging line, must often face this question: should a Metal detector or an X-ray inspection system be included? What are the costs, advantages and problems that I have to consider?

Most Common Errors In The Choice Of A Checkweigher: How To Recognize And Avoid Them

Which are the most common errors in the choice of a checkweigher? Which features have to be taken into account before purchasing a dynamic scale to make sure to introduce in the production line a high-quality machine? Which are the core aspects which make a checkweigher a top level one?

Each application is on its own, however there are some technical issues which are always valid, regardless of product type, working environment and even available budget.

Colamark Bravo Cartoner

Unique carton opening mechanism, quick change parts, ergonomic design, balcony structure, smooth operation and lots of characteristics makes Bravo the best value among all intermittent cartoners in the market.

Colamark A11 in action

Watch the Colamark A11 in action

The A11 is a specially designed machine for assembling the plunger-rod into and labelling on pre-filled syringes.
A11 is specially designed for the packaging process of pre-filled syringes. The system does wrap around labelling on the syringe and also assemble the plunger-rod at the same time. The DN1 Denester can be used for automatic syringe feeding to the system. Various optional features including a syringe inspection station, label inspection camera, and automatic rejection etc.

4 trends revealed

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