High-quality packaging, filling and food processing machines

With over 100 models in our range, we have a solution for every packaging need.

Specialising in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we can package piece products or customise production lines for more complex filling requirements.

Our filling and packaging equipment combines high capability, functionality and European quality guaranteed by the fact that the parts used to assemble our machines are made in-house. Each machine goes through an extensive break-in period with and without product before being shipped.

Sleeve Labelling

Shrink sleeve labelling is one of the most durable methods of labelling products due to the plastic or…

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Packaging Machines

Pastpack packaging machines are used in the packaging of pre-made packages and are mostly used in the…

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Over Wrapper & Shrink Tunnels

Our over wrappers are available in 10 basic automatic or semi-automatic models.

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Glazed Cheese Bars Production Lines

Industrial production lines of glazed cheese bars are intended for the production of glazed cheese curds…

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Flow Wrapping

The horizontal machines we provide can be basic models or customised packaging lines.

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Filling Lines

PPS’ filling lines are designed to automatically fill (weighing/volumetric) liquid and viscous dairy…

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A doypack is a sealed plastic bag that is designed to stand upright, and is commonly used for powders,…

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Dosing Units

Our automatic dosing units have over 20 different models to dispense a variety of food, including some…

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Depositing Machines

Depositing machines are widely used in pastry shops and bakeries to dispense different shapes, sizes…

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Clipping Devices

A clipping device is used to keep food (such as bread, pasta and candy) fresh, by sealing packaging bags…

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Carton Erectors

Carton erectors or case erectors are used to automatically pack bulk products into cases or cartons -…

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Brand Protection

PPS is well positioned to help many manufacturers with fighting this organised crime.

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