Solutions for Dairy Manufacturers

If you look at dairy products customer, you notice that more often than not they buy milk in PET bottles, a plastic bottle product is seen as traditional and as a result more natural. This type of package is stable, holds its shape well and has a sealed lid that allows you to open and close the bottle several times.  In addition, the buyers like the fact that transparent PET packaging allows seeing the product inside. Another plus of PET packaging – is its environmental friendliness. This material is harmless to the product stored therein and easy to recycle.

The obvious advantages of PET packaging for customers entail a constant sales growth of milk products in a plastic bottle. Manufacturers understand that the milk in plastic bottles are high marginality products as the buyer perceives it as a premium class and are willing to pay more for it, so it may seem that the manufacturer of dairy products in plastic bottles always win.

However, the pouring of PET-bottle process could be very labor-consuming, especially if manufacturer is small and there is no sense to buy a huge pouring line. But work on semi-automatic equipment requires a significant use of human resources because at each stage of filling (preparation bottle washing, filling, corked) requires the operator, sometimes several of them. And, of course, the production rate of the product at the same time will be quite small. Therefore, to provide sales and business development is often very difficult, as competition is very high.

Production Packaging Supplies have a unique solution for small dairy manufacturers and start-ups, which want to produce dairy products in a plastic bottle and get high profit.

Triblock TF 1000 – equipment for pouring liquid dairy products allows pouring any liquid dairy products into PET-bottle from 100 ml to 1 l.

This machine provides unstoppable consistent performance in each of the 3 assemblies:

  • Washing-up assembly: washing-up of PET-bottle with disinfectant liquid.
  • Pouring assembly: produces bottling liquid foaming and not foaming dairy products by non-contact dispensing weight with guaranteed accuracy of dosing in the range of 1%. The value of a product set with the remote control of the machine.
  • Crown-Corkers Node: caps the bottle by twisting plastic caps with safety ring. Corked bottle with the product can be applied to the discharge conveyor, turntable, labelling machine, machine group on packaging, etc.

Triblock TF 1000 is very compact. The area that it occupies in production is only 10 square meters. It includes the operator’s seat and a hygienic processing unit. If we compare it with a semi-automatic filling process, the first advantage is space saving. The Triblock TF 1000 is perfect for companies who are forced to work in conditions of limited space. In particular, for small businesses and small dairy farms.

Triblock TF 1000 is designed to operate in fully automatic mode, it can be easily integrated into existing production lines. However, it supports the manual mode and supply PET-bottle, if necessary.

Another advantage of the machine is that it is easy to use. To operate, the whole process of pouring takes only 1 operator.

And most importantly is certainly the performance of the Triblock TF 1000. On average, the machine is able to provide a stable rate of filling dairy products in 1000 bottles per hour. 1 bottle filling time of about 8 seconds, at this rate it provides accurate filling of liquid, foaming and without contact with the neck.

In addition to these core operating functions, automatic Triblock TF 1000 can be equipped with additional options. For example, a node UV treatment caps before capping or sealed chamber with a pressure jet of sterile air (HEPA) filter.

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