Vision inspection systems can be used in any  industry in which quality control is necessary.

For example, vision systems can assist robotic systems in obtaining the positioning of parts to further automate and streamline the manufacturing process. Data collected by a vision system can also help improve efficiency in manufacturing lines, sorting, packing and other applications. In addition, information captured by vision systems can help to identify problems in the manufacturing line.

We have a number of standard inspection systems for the food, beverage and packaging industries.

Our systems feature proven performance, easy maintainability, and low cost of ownership. Due to a modular set-up, you are able to combine multiple inspection elements into one system. In addition, we can configure the modular system in a flexible way to fulfill your capacity and functional requirements and easily fit them into existing lines. We can also develop customer specific applications for you, building on the already proven hardware and software.

Food, beverage & packaging inspection solutions include:

  • mix-up detection (product packaging)
  • label and decoration inspection
  • starch mould inspection
  • glass contamination inspection
  • neck finish inspection
  • cap inspection
  • scoop insert inspection
  • empty can inspection, and
  • code reading (production date on consumer products).

Overall, the benefits of vision inspection systems include, but are not limited to, production improvements, increased uptime, and reduction in expenses.

Vision systems allow companies to conduct 100% inspection of parts for quality control purposes, ensuring that all products meet customers’ specifications. If you want to improve both quality and efficiency, a vision inspection system is the answer for you.