Counting Machine - Tablet Counting & Filling Line

The tablet counter is a revolutionary vision-based counting machine which far surpasses the traditional multiple channel counting method.

The advantages of our vision-based tablet counter machines are:

  • avoidance of dust contamination
  • effective detection of broken pieces and debris
  • counting in batches with high accuracy
  • Vision Tablet Counter

    The V120 vision tablet counter is an innovative, revolutionary counting solution for tablets and other discrete products.

    Protected by various patents, the V120 employs high speed imaging technology, a bulk counting method, and an innovative aggregation algorithm that offers 5 major advantages:

  • long camera distance from materials – meaning minimal dust contamination;
  • fast and precise bulk counting;
  • logical allocation method – no high-speed shutter needed;
  • integrated channels – a multiple layer vibrating platform is not required, decreasing the required machine footprint;
  • high resolution – allows for effective detection of broken tablets and debris, and rejection in small batches.
Counting Machines - Vision Tablet Counter V120

In Action