We offer a wide range of solutions for dynamic weighing, with accuracy from ± 0.05 g up to 60kg, and available with IP54 and IP69K protection and MID approval.

The extremely high reliability of these instruments allows you to respect legal requirements and production tolerances, as well as to avoid waste. Our checkweighers are extensive and configurable; we are dedicated to helping you find the most suitable solution for your sector, product and packaging type, and application complexity – from the simplest weight check to installing MID-legalised metrologic instruments. They can also be integrated into metal detector systems.

Top quality components and materials ensure machine reliability and longevity, and the easily removable and washable plates allow for quick cleaning and maintenance. An intuitive touchscreen interface ensures quick learning, fast configuration and product change, maximising productivity.

  • 08D3 Compact

    Extremely versatile and functional entry level checkweigher for small-medium format products.

    With a maximum capacity of 1600 g, accuracy of ± 0.5 g and a production rate of 300 ppm, the 08D3 compact is the ideal instrument for the most common weight checking requirements on an enormous variety of packages: trays, bags, cans, bottles, boxes of different shapes and sizes.

    Made entirely of stainless steel, it has an IP54 degree of protection and high configurability. Weight is measured through a double load cell system, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability, even at high speeds.

Inspection Equipment - Checkweigher - 08D3 Compact
  • 09D3

    With a maximum capacity of 10 000g, this checkweigher is ideal for medium sized format products.

    With an accuracy of ± 1 g and a production rate of 100 ppm, the 09D3 is suitable to check bags, cans and boxes of different shapes and sizes.

Inspection Equipment - Checkweigher - 09D3
  • 14D3

    A checkweigher for large format products.

    With a maximum capacity of 40 000g, accuracy of ± 5 g and a production rate of 60 ppm, the 14D3 is a classic end-of-line instrument which is suitable for checking of sacks, cardboard boxes and barrels.

    Detection occurs through a dual cell system which is positioned on a belt conveyor.

Inspection Equipment - Checkweigher - 14D3
  • 35D3

    A checkweigher for small to medium sized cylindrical packages, the 35D3 is designed to run alongside the customer’s conveyor line without production interruption, thereby reduceing installation costs.

    The machine picks the product up from the conveyor, and positions and stabilises it on a static weight plate.

Inspection Equipment - Checkweigher - 35D3