Cartoning machines are packaging machines which erect, close and erect, fill and close carton blanks or folded and side seam sealed cartons.

Cartoning machines are used in all fast-moving consumer goods sectors but especially in the food, pharmaceutical, toiletry, cosmetic, household product industries. Basic cartoning systems can be semi-automatic machines which close the flaps manually at low speeds, but the most sophisticated cartoners are fully automatic, incorporating pick-and-place product loading or stacking devices, leaflet inserters and coding devices which run at several hundred cartons a minute.

  • Bingo Vertical Cartoning System

    The Bingo Vertical Cartoning System is designed for inserting products from the top of the carton, and is suitable for many industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, stationery, toys, electronic devices etc.

    In vertical cartoning, gravity assists product entry into the carton – making it a simple and suitable solution for many difficult-to-insert products. In semi-automatic mode, product placement is done manually while all carton handling is done automatically. Alternatively, product placement can also be done with a robotic arm, providing full automation.

    Bingo accepts a wide range of carton sizes and changeover between sizes is simple, making this an ideal cartoning solution for frequent changeover applications.

Cartoning Systems - Bingo
  • Bravo High-Speed Cartoning System

    Bravo combines the reliability of mechanical transmission and the flexibility of servo control to give a horizontal cartoner that is reliable, fast, and easy to use. Bravo’s unique carton opening mechanism, quick change parts, ergonomic design, balcony structure, smooth operation and extensive feature-set make it the best value among all intermittent cartoners in the market.

Cartoning Systems - Bravo
  • Simpak Mini SIM Card Wrapping and Cartoning System

    Simpak is designed for wrapping individual SIM cards of 2FF/3FF size and automatically placing the wrapped cards in cartons in different modes: fan-folded, short chain, or singles.

    Using heat sealing technology for film sealing, this system works perfectly with PE film, OPP film, and PE coated paper.

Cartoning Systems - Simpack Mini SIM Card Wrapping & Cartoning System