Checkweighers, X-Ray Inspection and Metal Detectors

Inspection is a vital process in the packaging industry.

Through the use of a checkweighers, overfill waste can be minimized and therefore productivity can be increased, while metal detectors inspect the product for ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants and reject the defective parts from the production line.

Using x-ray inspection allows manufacturers to detect contaminants, packaging defects and fill levels which would be otherwise unidentifiable using low levels of radiation to ensure products are not damaged.

X-ray Inspection

X-ray inspection systems are the best solution to ensure product integrity and prevent risks like customer…

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Vision Inspection Systems

Vision inspection systems improve production quality, increase uptime, and reduce expenses.

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Metal Detectors

With advanced functions, clean and sturdy designs, and a simple intuitive user interface, our metal detectors…

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Integrated Inspection Machines

Checkweighing and metal detection technologies in one solution.

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DMT Software

Centralised monitoring of all lines: the secret weapon to reduce risks and increase productivity.

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We offer a wide range of solutions for dynamic weighing, with accuracy from ± 0.05 g up to 60kg, and…

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