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PPS specialises in the sale of a wide range of high-quality packaging, inspection and labelling systems, machines and equipment.

We have over 30 years’ experience in the packaging industry, and have formed long-term relationships with many of the most respected international suppliers.

Our systems combine high capability, exceptional functionality and the very best European quality, and our high-end manufacturing environment ensures that all projects are fulfilled to the highest possible specifications.



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We can supply all equipment from the filler itself to the very end of line. For example, we can supply fillers, liquid and dry product, wrappers, carton erectors, tapers, palletizers, dosers, labelers, printers, verifiers.

We supply each and every product that you would expect in any manufacturing line.

We provide the highest-quality technical support throughout the African continent.

We have an established track record in helping to assist clients in identifying bottlenecks in their manufacturing facilities, and implementing solutions to overcome these bottlenecks.

We also advise businesses where implementation of automation would drastically improve outputs by incorporating certain key pieces of equipment.

PPS are the first provider in Africa to offer a complete cheese bar line, which is much like a chocolate bar; however, the filling is a cream cheese. We foresee this becoming extremely popular over the next few years, as it has already in Europe.

Contact us for more information on our cheese bar line.

PPS are suppliers of the patented Colamark V120 vision tablet counter.

The V120 uses high-speed imaging technology, bulk counting method, and an innovative aggregation algorithm that offers major advantages including low maintenance, very high speed and immunisation from dust. This solution also detects broken tablets.

Contact us for more information about our counting solution for tablets and other discrete products.

The Colamark A33 high-speed labelling machine with plunger assembly has been designed for use in the packaging line of pre-filled syringes. Syringes can be unloaded from a nest, and the plunger rod is fed by a vibrating feeder.

The system is manufactured from robust world-class materials and components, ensuring exceptional performance and quality, and the utmost precision.

Contact us for more information about our high-speed labelling machines.

We supply the Colamark RG 12 rotary labelling machine, which has been designed for various industries including beverage, food, beauty care, and chemicals.

The rotary method uses a carousel of top and bottom turntables, with cam controlled satellite stations to ensure high-speed movement and fully controlled orientation. This allows for precision, speed and versatility, even at 300 bottles per minute.

The rotary labelling machine system provides high-speed, high-precision pressure-sensitive labelling for various bottle shapes.

Contact us for more information about our rotary labelling machines.

We have an extensive range of checkweighers, and a model for almost every requirement.

High quality components and materials ensure sturdiness and longevity, and easily removable and washable plates allow for quick cleaning and maintenance. The intuitive touchscreen interface ensures quick learning, rapid configuration and versatile product changes, allowing you to maximise productivity.

Contact us for more information about our checkweighers.

PPS can provide integrated machines that unify the functions of dynamic weighing with metal contaminant detection, guaranteeing total protection of your brand.

The combination of these two instruments gives four important: reduced overall machine dimensions, lower cost, a single operator interface, and centralised statistical analysis.

Integrated/combination machines are also available in different configurations which adapt to a wide variety of product sizes and features, and are provided in versions that meet the ISO-FDA HAACP, MID, BRC, etc. standards.

Contact us for more information on our combination weighing/contaminant detection systems.

We supply a very wide range of metal detectors, including machines of varying passages and conveyors and instruments to check packaged and loose foods, tray food, tablets and powders.

Our metal detector machines respect hygiene and safety control standards (ISO-FDA HACCP), are highly sensitive and reliable and ensure a reduction in losses due to false rejects, and the simple design and easily removable and washable conveyors allows for quick cleaning and maintenance.

Metal detectors are available with a degree of protection up to IP69K.


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